Services & Pricing


I offer many types of editing services. Each type may be needed for your project, or you may want just one. Whatever you might be looking for, we can discuss your specific project and what it needs.

Content Editing

A content edit is an in-depth consideration of your work’s plot structure, character development, pacing, and voice with the goal to improve your work from the bones up. This editorial package is for those who want to improve their work on all fronts. A content edit will include an initial editorial letter as well as a follow-up once changes are implemented. Additional reviews of the work will require a small fee.

Line Editing

A line edit is a close look at the language of your project to improve the flow of the text by reducing repetitions, increasing strong vocabulary, varying sentence and paragraph structure, etc. A line edit will include the first edit as well as a second once you’ve implemented changes. Additional reviews of the work will require a small fee.

Copy Editing

A copy edit ensures better grammar, punctuation, and spelling accuracy within your novel. A copy edit will include the initial edit plus a follow-up to review changes made. Additional passes will require a small fee.


A proofread is a final read—usually when the work is in print layout—to catch any remaining typos, inconsistencies, incorrect punctuation, or problems created when the documents was formatted for print or ebook. Proofreading includes the initial read, as well as a follow-up to review changes made. It also includes cover copy, acknowledgements, dedication, and other peripherals that apply. Additional passes will require a small fee.


There are many factors when determining the cost of a project, such as the project’s length, the amount of editing needed, the complexity of the topic, an expedited timeline, or specialized annotation. It can vary anywhere from $15–$9000 based on all the variables. I am willing to work with you to meet your needs. For a project quote, contact me through

I look forward to working with you!