What are your costs?

Please reference my Services & Pricing page. Depending on the type of editing, the project, and your timeline, prices can vary from $400 to $8000. If you would like a more accurate quote on your project, please email me at whipplehouseediting@gmail.com.

Why are your prices higher than other editors I’ve looked at?

I have a wide variety of experience and skills that give me a strong background to edit your project well. Not only do I have a degree in editing, but I have been on the writer’s side of the publishing business for fourteen years. I’ve been in your shoes, and I feel that gives me an edge in providing my clients what they need. I’ve worked alongside bestselling author friends as I broke into the business, gaining experience working on their books as well as mine.

In addition to my experience in publishing, I am also what I like to call a “Renaissance Woman.” I collect hobbies and knowledge like a dragon hordes riches. Gardening, gaming, running D&D campaigns, quilting, cooking, drawing—if I want to learn a skill, I do it. And all those contribute to my experience and knowledge, especially in non-fiction and what good, clear technical writing looks like.

When you are paying for my services, it isn’t just the editing you’re getting. You are receiving my full investment of experience and knowledge. You will have my utmost attention when I’m working on your project. And that is worth it.

How many edits are included for the project?

Each type of editing will include the initial edit and a subsequent edit to review the changes you’ve implemented. The subsequent edit will also have notes and suggestions provided in addition to the initial edit, but after that will it cost a small fee for continued passes through the work.

Who owns the book?

You own your work. My editing does not change that. I will not claim ownership of your project because I have edited it. My services are meant to improve your writing, and all profits from publishing it belong to you. I am not a publisher. I do not work for a publisher. Working with me does not mean I will publish your book—that is all in your hands.

What is included in the contract/terms/conditions?

If you would like a look at the contract, I am happy to send it to you for review. Just email me at whipplehouseediting@gmail.com.

What are your timelines?

Timelines can vary greatly depending on the project and what type of editing you are requesting. A proofread will take much less time than a content edit. Generally, we will discuss the timeline of your project when we are in the process of working through the contract. I prefer to schedule projects for a certain month or two-week period so that I can fully focus on your work, but again it is subject to both of our schedules.

Can you provide references?

You may refer to my endorsements page for an idea of clients I’ve worked with. Some of my clients may reply to questions on their social media accounts or emails, but I cannot give out their personal contact information. Most authors are very busy and do not appreciate their private information being given to strangers, but they may happily provide you with additional information on my process. I leave that up to them.

Do you require a deposit?

I do require a portion of the fee to be paid on signing the contract, the next portion of the fee to be paid before you receive the first editorial letter, and any final payments upon finishing the secondary edit. There may be additional fees with there are more reviews requested. All fees must be paid before I release the final copy of the edited work to you.

What style guide do you use?

Unless you request something else, I use The Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). If you require a different style guide, I can accommodate, but it will likely cost more for me to complete your project.

Can you outline the editing process for me?

We will begin with initial emails to determine what you need from me and how I can best provide that. After talking about your work, the editing desired, and what your ultimate goals are for the project, you will either decide to move forward with me or we will part ways. If you sign the contract, the first payment will be due before your work is placed in queue. Then you will submit the work to me or I will provide a deadline of when I need it. I will place it in queue, and if you do not send the work before the deadline you may be subject to a penalty fee for disrupting the queue and taking a spot that might have been given to another person. This depends on how soon you tell me the deadline will not be met or how late the project will be.

Once it is time for me to work on your project, I will email you to say I’ve started. Then I will perform the edits you require. Content and line edits will receive an editorial letter in addition to comments and corrections within the Word document. The editorial letter will contain overall issues, potential paths to correct those problems, and also praise that is deserved. Your Word document will contain gut-reactions as I’m reading, the line/copy/proof edits purchased, and potential questions and suggestions when I am confused about something in your work. If I have personal hurdles that prevent me from doing the work in a timely manner, I will inform you of those.

After I have finished the edit and my letter, I will email you to inform you that it is done and send you the invoice for your second payment. Once that is paid, I will send off the letter and document for your review. You may ask me questions about the edits as you work through them, but I will not fully go over the manuscript again until you can complete the work and resubmit it. Then I will perform the secondary edit and, if there are no additional fees, send you that. If you request more passes or additional services, those must be paid for before they begin.

Then, hopefully, you will come back and schedule your next project with me. Otherwise we will part ways, and you will have a shiny manuscript to publish.

I need a project expedited. Can you do that for me?

It depends on several things—the deadline you need, my current schedule, and whether or not you are willing to pay more for it. An expedited schedule can be worked out if all of those aspects line up.

I really want to work with you, but I can’t afford your prices. Would you consider a discount?

I’m sorry I cannot offer a discount, but I am willing to work with you on a payment schedule that feels sensible if you really want to work with me. We can break payments down and stretch them out if that helps. That modified payment schedule will be noted in the contract.

I see you are also a writer, will you ghostwrite or contract write for me?

I do not offer ghostwriting or contract writing services. If I did, I wouldn’t have time to edit.

What if I have more questions?

Please email me if you have further questions before submitting your work for review. I am happy to provide more information. Send questions to whipplehouseediting@gmail.com.